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Business Process Outsourcing(BPO)


Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO),This means the enterprise, in view of actual demand, outsources in part or in whole its functional department like affair processing, policy service, claim management and HR etc. to the HR companies as required。

Seebon is committed to offering one-stop solution services to clients, including talent’s consigned target training &dispatching and the BPO service of non-core business. Our client, either a multinational among the world’s Top 500 or a renowned Chinese enterprise, all benefit from the trouble-free outsourcing services of Seebon.

BPO - Advantages

1、BPO can effectively improve the support of the supporting business to the core business thus enhance the enterprise’ overall profitability.
2、BPO can further enhance the focused management over the core business while efficiently control the supporting business.
3、While improving the quality of the outsourced business, BPO is also turning this business into a creative sector.
4、BPO is conductive to break the boundary of the traditional sectors (businesses) in a new market environment and establish cross-disciplinary coalitions with external companies, hence a long-term strategic partnership to enhance their competitiveness.
5、BPO is conductive for controlling and cutting the production cost, and actually works effectively in controlling the cost due to its controlover the cost & the quality of the supporting business, the updated and optimized business planning and employment of up-to-date technology etc.

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