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With rich hands-on experiences in HR management, Seebon is capable of, through structural and scientific techniques and in view of the organization condition and practical business condition of the enterprise, accurately grasping the practical demand of the client from a professional standpoint, providing the enterprise with highly operable management consultation services and designing a whole set of competency assessment system and learning system

Seebon training service
Serial courses Subjects
Management Decision Enterprise Development Strategy, Enterprise Reform and Innovation, Innovation Leadership, Science of Organizational Behavior,Management Excellence, Enterprise Execution Force, Leadership and the Art, Communication and Motivation, Corporate Coach
HR Strategic HR Management, HR Planning, HR Budget and Cost Analysis, Management by Objectives and Performance Assessment, Performance Assessment Workshop, Position Analysis, Employee Development and Career Design, Training System Design and Practice, Training the Trainer to Train, Recruitment Management, Interview Skills
Professional Sales & Team Building Market Planning, Sales Team Management and Development, Responsibility and Role Positioning of the Team Leader, Major Account Sales Management, Customer-oriented Sales Mode, Secret of Top Sales, Negotiation Skills for Situational Sales, Sales Promotion and Negotiation
Professional Technical Service WTO and China’s Financial Industry, Financial Supervision and Legislation, Theory and Practice of International Finance, Enterprise Credit Risk Control and Management, Banking, Securities, Management Strategy and Development Mode of Property Insurance, Risk Control and Management
Seebon consultation service
Consultation program Subjects
Corporate Strategy Development Strategy for Enterprises, Strategy Assessment for Enterprises, Strategy Implementation Plan for Enterprises, Strategy Training for Enterprises
Organization & Process Optimization Organization & Process Optimization
Corporate Culture & HR HR Planning, Compensation Management, Performance Management, Recruitment and Training System, HR Software, Corporate Cultural Concept, Corporate Cultural System, Identity of Corporate Culture, Corporate Culture Publicity
Financial Management & ERP Implementation Financial Management, Cost Management, Enterprise Internal Logistics Management, ERP Consultation and Implementation, Diagnosis of Existing Financial Problems for Enterprises, Improvement of Financial Management
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