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Talent Dispatching Service

Talent Dispatching Service,Talent dispatching service refer to the kind of employment mode where the enterprise commissions a professional HR agency to process a series of HR procedures i.e. the employment, payroll, social security, personnel archive keeping etc. to meet the practical working demands, which is a kind of HR service that can contribute to cutting cost and tax payment and enhancing the efficiency of the enterprise.

Nowadays, talent dispatching service has been recognized and adopted by HR managers in many enterprises who identify the biggest value of talent dispatching as being able to avoid employment risk and cut management overheads. According to the incomplete statistic, talent dispatching has become a major flexible employment mode in many Chinese enterprises, i.e. takes up 40% of the flexible employment.

Separating the employment from the use of the staff, Seebon’s talent dispatching service aims to cut the management overheads, avoid the employment risk and realize flexible employment, thus is a efficiency-improving HR service for the enterprises. In a typical case of talent dispatching where a Dispatching Contract shall be entered by and between Seebon and the client, a Labor Contract between the staff and Seebon, and a Labor Service Agreement between the staff and the client, there is no employment contract between the staff and the client but the fact that the client uses the staff’s service

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Headquartered in Guangzhou with dozens of branches all over the country, Seebon aims to establish more than 50 branches or offices nationwide by 2010 to offer point-to-point services for clients and make itself a HR supplier in China.

Benefits to Enterprise
With Seebon’s talent dispatching service, an enterprise may benefit from the following:

*Flexible employment * Convenient personnel management
*Lower personnel cost * Lower financial cost
*Less personnel (labor) disputes Free from troubles with personnel establishment
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